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when the swine overwhelm, retreat into the wisdom of these words

Friday, December 01, 2006

In a world of complex and continuing problems, in a world full of frustrations and irritations, America's leadership must be guided by the lights of learning and reason or else those who confuse rhetoric with reality and the plausible with the possible will gain the popular ascendancy with their seemingly swift and simple solutions to every world problem. ~President John F. Kennedy (Remarks prepared for delivery at the Trade Mart in Dallas, November 22, 1963 - never delivered)

The promotion of the individual rights of the people of America necessarily involves resistance to war in any form, as war inevitably must destroy those rights and clamp additional governmental rule down upon the people... only those who resist war to the utmost, and with their last breath and last ounce of energy, can be considered as truly fighting to save this country for democracy. ~William James Sidis

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